The strength of Tanger

Tanger Markt is the place to find ingredients from several different International cuisines. At Tanger you can find an extended assortment meat, chicken , vegetables and fruit, dairy, foodstuff and non-food products. The stores are classified in Marrocan, Turkish , Suriname , Asian ,Iranian and many other international products.
That makes it easier to find what you are looking for.
Although the extensive assortment of products from other origin is not the only reason to do your groceries at Tanger Markt. We are also known for the freshness of our products. From delicious fruit to special olives, from beuatiful lambsmeat to delicious chickens; if you appreciate freshness,you should be at Tanger markt.
Quality is our main concern.
Besides we guarantee that all our products are 100 % Halal. Also we are very concerned with hygiene , and therefore we make sure that all our work activities are done cleanly and in a tidy place. In short plenty of reasons to choose Tanger!