The succesful supermarket chain begins in the early 80’s as a chicken wholesale store founded by six enthousiastic brothers. The modest neighbourhood store quickly earns a firm reputation and develops in to one of the biggest chicken suppliers  around The Hague. After several years it starts expanding a lot and moves her location to the Hoefkade, where the establishment finds its place next to a LIDL. Tanger’s succes inspires a great deal of people to also start their own business, and would strengthen the Hoefkade. Now a full,  pleasant shopping street itself.

Next Step

When the ‘’neighbors’’ Lidl decide to move, the owners of Tanger think it’s time for the next step. Based on the idea that a true multicultural neighbourhood deserves a truly multicultural supermarkt, the decision was made to open one.
A smart choice, because the store becomes the hotspot of the Hoefkade. And thanks to the very competitive prices. And thanks to the wide range of quality products from countries such as Marocco, Turkey, Suriname, Indonesia, Iran and so on,

Tanger Den Haag

In the spring of 2013 the management decided to sell the supermarket in the Hague. From that moment on Tanger Markt has no more busines relationship withTtanger Den Haag.

Tanger crosses international borders

Anno 2015 supermarket Tanger is unthinkable in Amsterdam., Rotterdam, Almere, en Zaandam. The company is also no longer a “corner shop” anymore because customers throughout the Netherlands know, the wide assortment, low prices and exceptional service Tanger has to offer.  Soon even will be opened one supermarket in the heart of Antwerpen, Belgium.  The international assortment will therefore be sold internationally.  But despite the growth, one thing has never changed; the customer is the most important and we do everything  to give the best products at the lowest prices.