Our Freshness guarantee

Tanger market’s freshness guarantee means that only the highest quality fruit and vegetables are selected for you. The freshness guarantee is guaranteed by strict quality controls. Tanger market is known for their stunt prices, but that is certainly not at the expense of our product’s quality. By making the right price agreements with our suppliers, we can offer you the best quality at low prices.

One of the sole reasons that distinguishes Tanger market’s freshness guarantee from others is that we do not hesitate to take extreme measures to ensure freshness.

Our experts check our products every morning. Only the best fruit and vegetables come through the selection process.

Tanger market works with the best gardeners and fruit growers all over the world to provide our customers with top products.

After delivery, the fruit and vegetables are shiped to our stores the same day after a thorough quality check. 

We apply a money back guarantee if the product is not fresh.