About Tanger

The strength of Tanger

The customer always comes first at Tanger market. 100% custom focus is a core element at out stores that we never deviate from. This is also the reason why customers like to come back. In addition, Tanger market does have everything you are looking for and what you normally wouldn’t be able to find at another supermarket. The diversity of our range characterizes our stores. For example, at Tanger market you will find products from more than 100 different countries. This means that you can find all the ingredients for a basic Dutch stew or a classic Moroccan harrira soup.

However, the wide range of country specific products is not the only reason to shop at Tanger market. We are also known for our freshness of products. All the way from delicious fruits to Mediterranean olives, and from the most tender lamb to the juiciest chickens; if you like fresh then you should definitely go to Tanger market.

Mainstays of Tanger market:

  • The best quality.
  • The lowest prices.
  • Service with a smile.

Growth of Tanger market

The company has evolved from being a ‘neighborhood supermarket’ due to customers from all over the country appreciating the variety, range, low prices and the excellent service. But despite the growth, one thing has always stayed the same; the customer is always at the forefront and Tanger is commited to keep up this promise.