Halal guarantee

At Tanger market you are at the right address for the consumption of 100% halal worthy meat.


Tanger market’s chicken meat comes exclusively from export slaughterhouse CLAZING. All chickens are slaughtered manually. This is carried out by practising Muslims who recite bismillah while cutting the throat of each chicken.

In the name of Allah, Allah is great.
(Bismillah, Allahoe Akbar)

Clazing Export Slaughterhouse is certified by HQC (Halal Quality Control). Our Muslim consumers are thus guaranteed that Tanger market’s products are 100% reliable and halal. All chicken products are provided with an EG-nummer: EG 5811 NL

Pay attention! The majority of the so-called halal slaughterhouses in the Netherlands do not slaughter according to the above mentioned slaughter method. They slaughter using the CO2 method (gas stunning.) The RVM, council of Moroccan mosques in Noord-Holland, has explicitly stated that slaughtering according to the CO2 method does not meet the requirements set for Islamic ritual slaughtering, because the animal is already brain dead.


Our halal guarantee goes beyond just monitoring and using the correct slaughter method. Our halal guarantee starts at an earlier stage. Tanger market attaches great importance to the sustainable livelihood of the animals. Then practicing Muslims ensure that the correct slaughtering method is used.